Keystone Colorado – A Mountain Getaway Any Time Of Year

Nestled tightly in a valley, Keystone Resort in Colorado appeals to anyone looking for the typical “alpine” feel of a mountain town. Keystone Colorado offers something for everyone in any season of the year from beautiful mountain views of Dercum Mountain, to the quaint River Run village right in the heart of Keystone. Just about any activity you can think of is available in Keystone. Being a family friendly resort town, Keystone has something to offer everyone no matter what time of year it is.
Where to stay

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There are 5 basic areas of Keystone:, East Keystone, River Run Village, Mountain House Base Area, The Lakeside Village and Keystone Ranch. Each area offers specific features tht appeal to different people.

River Run Village

River Run Village is the main heart of Keystone Resort. Surrounded by plentiful lodging, retail shops and many restaurants, it is an easy walk to the ski slopes from anywhere in River Run Village. Made to look and feel like a true alpine escape, River Run is for people wanting easy access to skiing, activities and restaurants without having to jump into a car and drive anywhere. The fun never stops in River Run Village during the ski season and expect to have keystone festivals, contests, bands and more during the peak summer and winter months. Every Saturday during the winter, a professional fireworks display shoots from River Run Village and most condos in River Run have a full front seat view of the show.

East Keystone

East Keystone is located about 1 mile to the East of River Run Village and offers a quieter escape to the Keystone Resort area than most other areas. Nestled in the trees and with spectacular views, this neighborhood has easy access via shuttle bus and is perfect for those looking for a quiet family getaway without all the rif-raf of most towns.

Mountain House

The Mountain House base area is the original base of Keystone. Surrounded by plentiful lodging where you can walk to the slopes, this area is shut down during the summer months and mostly a “daytime” base area that shuts down in the evening during the winter months. Many shops and restaurants are located near US Hwy 6 to serve guests staying in this area. Most of the lodging in the Mountain House base area feature direct mountain views of the ski slopes with the beautiful Snake River in the foreground.

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